About Our Grounds

The first mausoleums were burial chambers created in ancient times for families that desired their ancestors remains together in perpetuity.

Vista Memorial Gardens mausoleums are magnificent multi-story buildings of the finest quality. Their ground floor courtyards are graced with stately royal palms and rock gardens of floral arrangements. Skylights to the heavens are incorporated in many buildings. Elevators are constructed for the comfort of those who come to pay their respects.

There are currently thirty-nine completed mausoleums. The building program is ongoing.

There is over 4,000 niche locations throughout the park, with 19,000 more to be built in future.

There are also over 10,000 ground burials available and counting, even without the new ground sections we are opening in the near future

The caring professionals at Vista Memorial Gardens will gladly give you a tour of the cemetery so you can select the type and location of cemetery property that is right for you and your loved ones. Regardless of whether your choice is burial or cremation, permanent memorization of your life and legacy is a lasting heritage for your descendants. Our lush gardens are used for traditional and side-by-side burials. We also offer gardens for family estate mausoleums.

Our lush memorial park gardens is here for your comfort. Vista Memorial Gardens is the largest independently owned cemetery in the State of Florida.

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